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"sharing the love for music"

It's time to move on to the next step in the psychedelic evolution.

The focus of the Label is to explore the sonic possibilities of psychedelic trance creations within a high level of production quality from artists around the globe to lift up peoples minds into a new and higher state of conciousness! Mind Expansion is dedicated to encouraging psychedelic trance that guids the "crowd" into full force overdrive.

Activate the Engine, open your mind & Have Fun!

On this Website you will extraordinary, creative and mind twisting psytrance made by intergalactic travellers on their journey through "space & time". Mind Expansion opened its doors, collecting only their finest tunes in best soundquality as MP3 or WAV for you to simply "EXPAND & ENJOY YOURSELF.

Mind Expansion is an independent digital record label specialising in psychedelic music that gives you this magical emotional feeling... pushing, pumping and kicking all the time to bring you pleasure and pain and to express every kind of emotion you can have on the dancefloor.


Nowadays the internet becomes a variable source for obtaining music and also a platform for upcoming artists to promote theirselfs in a fast and propper way. The Idea is to offer always fresh and quality music files from the artists for download free of charge or for a fee that is paid via paypal or any other online payment system. We also offer hard copy CDs in addition to direct download.
We acknowledge the Creative Commons licensing system thus reserving certain rights for the artist as well as supporting and promote them. The music is mastered and compressed to professional standards ready to be delivered in digital & hard copy format.

What justifies a legal download for those who have so far been trading music in P2P plattforms? We think that is a pure matter of inherent value. Do i like music? Does music mean more to me than a short lived way to pass the time, or a side line input? If this is the case, then every filesharer should know that our scene can only continue to exist, if artists have the possibility to produce music. In order to do this, they need an income source.



(action speak louder than words...)

Love space and fun... your Mind Expansion team

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