Death Project

Death Project is a solo project from Filip Blazevski,born on 1990 in Skopje, Macedonia.
It is among the new young emerging figures of the dark psychedelic scene.

He started by playing the piano at the age of 10 ,and guitar at 12. Also started to make music at 11, with Reason first,and when he was 16 he switched on Cubase. At first he made Techno,then he discovered Trance music in 2004 His main influences are horror movies and deep melodic pads. He already worked with people like D.N.i, Distorted Goblin, Chemical Spoon,Phobos Azazel He has hoped his music will make a diffrence to the dark scene of trance since he loves this style and hopes people wil enjoy his work in the future. U can wait for a huge amount of new music to come since he workes hard on creating new sounds all the time.

Death Euforia is a dark- full on project from Death Project(Filip Blazevski) from Skopje, Macedonia and d.N.i aka Endless Euforia(Adolfo Usier) from Sao Paulo-SP, Brasil

1.Mystic Screams - V.A. / Teldrassil 2 CD (Moonsun-Recods)
2.Sky Of The Unknown - V.A. / Voice of Sauron (UltivaRecords)
3.Hell Squad - V.A. / The Blood vol.1 (Skitzophrenik Lifeform Records)
4.Single Track - Memories - (Mind-Expansion Music )
5.One Of God Mistakes - V.A. / Good And Evil (Blind Noise Records)
6.Death Project VS Fatal Discord - Sons Of Darkness -
   -V.A Circles Of Life (Mind-Expansion Rec)
7.Dark Evil Times - V.A  / Buffon (Psymoon-Records)
8.Endlesss Euforia VS Death Project VS Shady System -
  - Exhumed Demons - V.A / Mind Loopers (ICC Records)
9.Buco Diavolo - VA Anahata (Active Meditation Music)
10.Sweet Dreams - VA Midnight Adventures (Active Meditation Music)

coming soon:

-The True Power - V.A / Twisted Forest Nightmare (Green Magik Rec)
-Cursed Reality - V.A. Mind-Expansion (Mind-Expansion Music )


Death Project has now a new croatian passport and it will be possible from now on
to book his live act without making a visa!!