Kayab aka Silly Neutrons

Style: Spacey Dark and Driving!!

"I Come In Peace," my name is Kayab, aka Turtle from California, and i have been playing musical instruments since i was about 4 years old, however since I found out that my computer made music, well...
I have been tweaking the daylights out of it, and until now.. it seems to only blast out crazy madd soundz.. so, for the past year, I have been touring the galaxy like madd making psychedelic music everywhere that I go, as well.. as trying to express a little  something from where I am at the time, and simply expressing that inspiration back into my sound. Also I tend to combined some very mind-bending, and third eye expanding visual projections along, with my spacey-dark-driving live sets........... So0o heres to all of yOu!!

KAABo0OM!! & keep it Trippy!! Kayab .) oVer.

Email: info@mind-expansion.net
Myspace: www.myspace.com/sillyneutrons