DJ Cannibal Crow

CannibaL Crow had his first appearance on the stage one year ago, he was introduced to the decks from a good friend this time. But the years bevor he was on almost all the good events in germany and europe to experience himself and they way he want to do things!!


In December 2006 he founded the Party "PSYCROWDELICA" as a multicultural and psychedelic event based on our experience about trancemusic.

The party got soon very famous and people all over the world started to speak about it...
Therefore he organized the first PSYCROWDELICA OA in the summer of 2007, and one year later this event became a top address for the underground psychedelic tunes from nowadays!!!


Cannibal Crow is a very extrem person and this you will find also inside his music!!
He plays the music that the others dont want to play .. cause they are affraid to play music that brings us to the point of no return...
welcome to the world of the CANNIBAL !!!



Next bookings:

Cannibal Crow is visiting India right now,

Tourdates are as followed:

PSYCROWDELICA – meets India on March 2013

PSYCROWDELICA – meets Nepal in April 2013

PSYCROWDELICA – meets Dubai in May 2013

For Inquiries:

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Mami Lalrinawmi : 08447694162 pin 28baf7bd

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