DJ Halunke

Halunke was introduced to electronic music 14 years ago, where he buyed his first "thunderdome VA". From this moment he felt connected to the hard electronic beats from this time! 5 years later he wanted to express his love for this music and decided to spin the vinyls.

His first psychedelic music experience was back in 2004 at the indian spirit festival, where he was introduced to the scene and all thats into it. One year later he was infected with the "virus" trance and started to play only this kind of sounds. The Party organizer from "Schwingkreis" ( Pardauz ) gave him his first opportunity to spin in front of a big audience in berlin another friend who supported him in the earlie days was Merry ( organizer of the Gaggalacka OA ).

The music he play could be described as a psychedelic mixture of different styles ..always important inside his tunes is a lot of power and an intelligent storyline in the tracks filled with lot of vocals and a deep atmosphere.

Festivals he played till now:
Gackalagga OA 2007 , New years eve in amsterdam 2007/08
a lot of little partys mostly in berlin
and of course his own party called "BALBOA"

Contact & Booking:

Next bookings:

Hokus Focus 4 - Mind Expansion Night
Sat, 14 Feb 09 22:00h - Sun, 15 Feb 09 15:00h, 19288 Wöbbelin / near Schwerin [Germany]

FreiTag der 13th VS The PsyCedelic Family
Indoor: Fr, 13. Mrz. 09, 21:00h - Sa, 14. Mrz. 09, 14:00h ,near Iserlohn NRW [Germany]

BALBOA presents pandemonium
Club: Sa, 04. Apr. 09, 23:00h - So, 05. Apr. 09, 13:00h, Berlin [Germany]

Halloween - dark horror night 2 OSOM live
Indoor: Sa, 31. Okt. 09, 22:00h - So, 01. Nov. 09, 16:00h  , near Hamburg [Germany]

Freitag der 13th vs. the psychedelic family
In- & Outdoor: Fr, 13. Nov. 09, 21:00h - Sa, 14. Nov. 09, 14:00h, near Iserlohn NRW / [Germany]

BALBOA presents Baba Power
Indoor: Sa, 21. Nov. 09, 22:00h - So, 22. Nov. 09, 12:00h , Berlin [Germany]