DJ Team Elfenklatscher

Darkpsy is, when you laugh in spite of everything!

The two who went forth to slap elves..

First Elf Slapper is Hq, who got hooked on psytrance in 1998. Starting off as an active psyfraggle in Nuremberg, he moved to Leipzig in 2005. In order to balance out his challenging studies at the Leipzig University for Applied Sciences, he kicked off djing – and ever loved it since.

He passionately runs a hospital for abused stuffed animals. Many traumas caused by blunted kid souls have been cured here with huge success.

The other Elf Slapper is Syno, a Leipzig-born native. His musical development has ist roots in punk, followed by hardcore, techno, house, ambient up to today..s darkpsy.

In 1992 he started djing in the tech & housescene in the Eastern part of Germany, but stopped eight years after due to stagnancy and disillusion.

Another playground had already caught his attention: The psytrance scene with its fantastic open airs and parties. Syno started to organize the well-known „Mintaka Dance Tribes“ at Leipzig. Soon he was attracted by darkpsy and realized that this sound exactly embodied what long had slumbered deep inside of him: even darkness can be fun.

The two striking heads found together and the idea to start a project was rapidly born.
In October 2006 the Elf Slappers premiered on the last Mintaka Dance Tribe – which was the beginning of the end—for the elves.. :D

In contrast to common ping-pong dj sets, they have clear defined roles:
Syno, known for the real dark sound, takes turn with Hq..s contrasting psy sound.
This combination creates a distinctive, stirring psymixture on the dancefloor shaking every fraggle from head to toe.
No regret for the elves fainting on a regular basis.. ;)


Next bookings:

Dr. oguH´s Birthday Bash
Sat, 18 Apr 09 22:00h - Sun, 19 Apr 09 12:00h , somewhere in northern germany (mv) [Germany]

FreiTag der 13th VS The PsyCedelic Family
Indoor: Fr, 13. Mrz. 09, 21:00h - Sa, 14. Mrz. 09, 14:00h ,near Iserlohn NRW [Germany]

Indoor: Sa, 11. Apr. 09, 23:00h - So, 12. Apr. 09, 10:00h, Plau am See [Germany]

Indoor: So, 31. Mai 09, 22:00h - Mo, 01. Jun. 09, 12:00h ,Leipzig [Germany]

Open Air: Fr, 28. Aug. 09, 20:00h - So, 30. Aug. 09, 20:00h ,Thüringen / Thuringia / Southern Germany [Germany]

Dark or Alive
Indoor: Sa, 31. Okt. 09, 23:00h - So, 01. Nov. 09, 12:00h ,Leipzig [Germany]

Freitag der 13th vs. the psychedelic family
In- & Outdoor: Fr, 13. Nov. 09, 21:00h - Sa, 14. Nov. 09, 14:00h, near Iserlohn NRW / [Germany]

Dunkelbunt 02
Indoor: Sa, 28. Nov. 09, 22:00h - So, 29. Nov. 09, 10:00h, Leipzig [Germany]