Gorump Peyya

The name behind the project Gorump Peyya is Meto Kocev from Macedonia. Meto has a stylish way for producing music, in his sounds you will find darkness, hope, and appreciation to excellent trips that will take you beyond and beyond.

he also have a lot otherside projects with many artists like silent horror.. phobos azazel..claw..necropyscho.. k_lapso.. plaex..blisargon demogorgon..infect insect.. fragletrollet...wizack twizack.. etc etc.. with one project wich is called Isentropic from gorump peyya and silent horror he already released one album on Namaha rec..

debut album from Gorump Peyya is also out now on 5th Element Rec.... ...furthermore Mind Expansion is right now preparing another blasting EP from him.... prepare for battle!!!

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Armageddon Festival
Open Air: Fr, 17. Jul. 09, 22:00h - Mo, 20. Jul. 09, 12:00h , Moscow [Russia]

Indian Spirit 5 days OA Festival 2009
Open Air: Do, 03. Sep. 09, 22:00h - Mo, 07. Sep. 09, 12:00h, Heiligengrabe [Germany]