Antagon is a Psychedelic-Trance Live-Act from Hamburg/ Germany. His musical journey began in the early ninetees. At the age of twelve he started to play the Bass-Guitar and played some years in a Death Metal Band. In 1996 he started to listen to Psychedelic Trance
and in 1999 he started spinning CDs and Vinyl.
After some years of Djing he started in 2005 to produce his own sound which leads to his current Project.
Since 2006 he played on many different national and international Parties and Festivals in Europe. In 2007, he established, together with Alpha, the Act "-Z-". "-Z-"s sound is a mixture of Psychedelic Trance with Dark Wave, Industrial and Darkpsy elements and based at around 148 - 170 bpm.
In May 2009 "-Z-"s Debut-Album "Revo" was released by the Indian label "Shivlink Records" followed by numerous Gigs on national and international Festivals around Europe. After many releases on Compilations of different Labels, Antagon´s Debut Album
"Cybernetic" was released in May 2010 on "2to6 Records" from Switzerland.
The 2nd and upcoming Album "Amnesia" will be released on the 1st of July 2011 from the Hamburg based Label "Damaru Records".
The new Album of -Z- is expected for late of 2011 and will be released by Shivlink Records/ India.


Antagon - Finished Forms EP 2008
Antagon - Bottles (va Traumatic Level) 2008
Antagon - Symbolic (VA Bounts Hunters) 2009
-Z- Images EP 2009
-Z- Revo 2009
Antagon Echoes (Meteor Swarm) 2009
Antagon The 2nd Dead End (VA Chaos Universe) 2009
Antagon Traumata (VA Missing Pieces of the Puzzle) 2009
Antagon (Global Killer RMX) (VA Pleiadian Connection) 2009
Antagon Floating Point (VA Cosmogenezis) 2010
Antagon Echoes (VA Hard Psy Trance Universe V3) 2010
Antagon Water Memory (VA Dark Blasters) 2010
Antagon Neo Human (VA Psykorigid) 2010
Antagon Cybernetic 2010
Antagon Eat the Beat (VA Halo Effect) 2010
Antagon Myesis EP (Ektoplazm) 2010
Antagon&Ignis Peterchens Mondfahrt (VA A Season in Hell) 2010
Antagon Genome Project (VA Only the Music) 2011
Antagon Brain Drill (VA PSycho Choise) 2011
Antagon&Ignis Obscure (VA Obscure) 2011
Antagon Disfunction (VA The False Center) 2011
Antagon World Eclipse (VA A Concept in Psy II) 2011
Antagon Vertex (VA International Frequencies) 2011
Antagon Crap Swap (VA 13th Kingdom) 2011
Antagon Amnesia 2011




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