DJ Mutaro

David whose living in munich/germany at the moment, was born 1988 and got in touch with psychedelic music back in the year 2004. From the beginning on he was interested in the harder and more psychotic side of psytrance also because of his musical roots which lie in the hardcore and punkscene to which he feels nowadays still closely related to. With his unique sets he trys to smash the psyfloors with the same raw power and energy from these kinds of music, to reach a breathtaking and escalating atmosphere which in the end mostly turns the mind of the listener into total emotinal chaos. With his music he is representing several great underground labels around the globe like Skitzophrenik Lifeform Rec., ICC Rec., Mind Expansion Rec., Active Meditation Music and for sure mostly the famous-infamous munich based gang of little rascals called ALICE-D PRODUCTION. His sets can be bestly described as a diabolic mixture of extremely hard, dark and pumping underground stuff combined with influences from other,non-electric psycho music,to create a powerfull and nearly apocalyptic atmosphere dedicated to a truly open minded audience on real hardcore dancefloors at the edge of insanity. His first compilation called "Nocturnal Ritual" is now released on Skitzophrenik-Lifeform Records. Another VA called "Midnight Adventures" followed in 2009,which he compiled together with Demoniac Insomniac. Both compilations went directly into the divine dozen of Goa Gil.

here you can download a mix of Mutaro : click here


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