The ancient Egyptian god of chaos, the embodiment of hostility and even of outright evil.
Or in this case the project name of the multi-talented Macedonian Producer Kristijan Krstevski.

Kiko’s first contacts with psychedelica was at a surprisingly young age of only 12. Inspired by the magic that surrounds the psychedelic scene in Macedonia he started djing and become quite good at it. After a couple of years playing his favorite tunes at a lot of places and a lot of underground parties in the country, he realized that djing doesn’t fulfill him enough so he decided that he want’s to make his own impact and share with the scene his own recipe for pure wicked psychedelic music.

His first few songs were written on the fl studios but after a while he realized that the Cubase/Nuedno platform is far more suitable and gives his music more clarity. His music is mostly night power psychedelic with powerful bass-lines, ghastly effects, esoteric atmospheres and colorful leads carefully perplexed in harmonious melodies which give his music a special flavor. His innovative approach towards trance music makes him a promising young producer who has a lot to give… Seth's first releases will be published by some of the most promissing experiMental night time based music labels these days such as Import Exploit,Mass Abduction,Mind Expansion etc.