Members: Alex Urias & Gilberto Wendlandt
Genre: Dark Psychedelic Trance
Place: Sonora
Labels: Acidance / Devils Mind / Pleiadian / Mass Abduction

Alex Urias (Acidize) and Gilberto Wendlandt (Wilo) are the producers behind Audiopathik, a psychedelic trance project from Sonora, Mexico. Their unique and distinctive sound has fueled the psytrance dancefloors worldwide since 2004.
They have released tracks in labels such as Devils Mind Records, Mass Abduction, Pleiadian Records, Hypnotica,, Shaman Films, 5th Element Records, D-A-R-K Records, Dark Prisma, Planet B.E.N, Mind-Expansion amongst others. Their music can also be found in sets and Top 10s from famous Djs such as GOAGIL.
Their debut Album "GLOBAL KILLER" will be released on Acidance Records 2008.