Helder Coutinho Aka Sushupti was born at 28 may of 82 in portugal , very soon he went to leave to switzerland.

In 2000 he discover the psy movement and in 2001 he started to try some audio softwares like fruity loops . After in 2003 he got some money and decided to buy reason 2.5, computer and synth korg prophecy to explore better this electronic frequencies.

Then in 2005 he came back to portugal and tryed logic platinium and finaly in 2006 he bought some more professional materials and started to explore cubase wich he is completly happy with!!!
The project Sushupti is defined as heavy ambiences , hi-tech , noise , dance and most of all psychedelic...

Urban Antidote Records was born at the end of 2006 in Portugal . The purpose is to create an URBAN ANTIDOTE, a musical escape from the harsh daily reality and a break from urban stressed life as many of us know it nowadays. Our main aim is to to stimulate people and show them a way to think out of the box, to live in alternative ways from the usual ones and we would love people to share their own personal ideas on how to do that with us as well. For this reason we invest our spare time in working on things like creating psychedelic music, parties/events, music releases, decoration and all forms of digital art. Next to that we believe in the promotion of all sorts of artists in our beautiful psychedelic art scene, as well the established names as the newcomers, although always with a high quality standard guarantueed.

The first VA is called "Remedy" and will be soon available at recordstores worldwide:

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