João Rodrigues aka Illow born in 82 , at this moment he lives in Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal), where he is finishing his graduation of computer engineering. He start to discover psytrance in 2003 , and question himself how the artists did the music , so he gain the interest for producing psychadelic trance music. His firs step was trying to know how to do a sequenciation with a software,so he decided to try as first software Reason…but now with more experience on the production he use Nuendo 3 wich is happy with nowadays.We can listen in Illow tracks few influences, as industrial , hi-tech , dark ambiences, psychadelic and energetic. Always developing new ideas to his own music. Making his live debut appearence in 2008 and since then he already played Tryon, Klapso, Khaos Sektor, etc ...




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Fear & Loathing in Berlin 3
Indoor: Fr, 23. Okt. 09, 22:00h - Sa, 24. Okt. 09, 12:00h , Berlin [Germany]

Hydro Expansion
Indoor: Sa, 06. Mrz. 10, 22:30h - So, 07. Mrz. 10, 08:30h , Genova [Italy]