Kobold Instinct

In the last ten years, the Moroccan trance scene has changed in variety. It started with bush parties, the core of the spirit, inherited until now.
Kobold Instinct is the solo project of Simo Tahiri based in Casablanca, Morocco. Having it's own style, it can be characterised, as an atmospheric, powerfull, deep and wild form of electronic music.


After some crazy party in Morocco, he started producing his own beats and began his Live Acts in 2008.
The main idea of his project is to bring goood strong energies to the dancefloor with extatic and fast rythms in a mixture between twisted sounds, powerfull kick/bass and dark atmospheric psysounds.
He is actually signed on Wild Seven Rec, Ultravision rec, Skygravity Rec , Insane Chaos Circuit rec, Activ Meditation Music Rec, Xtreme Dimention rec, Anomalistic records and Mind Expansion rec.
He start to release his track on many VA like Paraphernaliens 2, Skygravity Vol 3, Book Of spirit 1, Believe system, Bounty hunters...

In more of his solo project, he is working on a vs project with many artist like Drakphaser, Kasatka, Krono psy, Kerberos, (Sator arepo as "Questing Beast"), (EnDLeSs EuFoRiA as "Euforia Instinct") and Pressman.
Simo is also known as a deco artist. He attempts to recreate the hyperdimensional spaces with his artwork, when he decorates techno trance parties.


Email: dko_simo@hotmail.com



Next Bookings:

Bionic Energy,
Fr, 31. Dez. 10, 20:00h - Sa, 01. Jan. 11, 11:00h Casablanca [Morocco]