Charles Cardoso, Sychotria's creator, lives in Uberlandia, right in the heart of Brazil. Charles, a drummer by the age of 14, has been involved with music since their early teenage years, and they had been part of several rock bands. But it was the electronic music scenario that lighted them up for their dreams and ambitions.

When he was 22, in the late 90's, in some friend parties, he had the first contact with electronic music, and after started to mix as a Dj. His debut as a professional producer was with the project Ufologics, with which he worked for three years. Recently Charles has been dedicated to the production of Dark Psychedelic, which mixes dark music with heavy drums in a sinister atmosphere.

Within 2007, Sychotria is already in charge of bringing up new releases to spice the dance floors of the hottest nightlife spots around the globe.