Kybakeon borns from the featuring between Andrea Padovani aka Kykeon and Tommaso Rovida aka Kybah. Artists and Friend, they born in Milan in 1988, and since the first years of life their love for music was evident. In 2006, having both the common musical tastes, they decide to starts producing psytrance music. Around 2009 Tommaso and Andrea reach an high affinity level in music tastes, so they decided to melt toghether and officialize their project under the name "Kybakeon".

Caracterizing theirselves with a fresh and revolutionary style, these guys are always musically evolving, innovating without stucking on the same style however their sound always remains particular and recognizable.

From 3 years form their first track, they started to work on new releases with Purple Hexagon Records (Italy) and Mind Expansion Music (Germany) with the hoping to do always their bests :)

Coming Soon:
Kybakeon Vs Lenz - Full Force @ Purple Hexagon Records
Kybakeon - Road To 2012 @ MInd Expansion Records
Kybakoen Vs Lenz - Virus Infected @ Mind Funk Records.