Khaos Sektor / Tree of Pain

Khaos Sektor is Miguel Muchagata born in Portugal in 1983,
in a small city( Covilhã ) on the mountains.
I started going to trance partys at 1999 and I discovered later that I
could make music too. But I just started in 2005 with my friends
just for fun. Khaos Sektor was my friend..s Project , Faggot Syndrom but then he gave it up,
and i took it and decided to started again alone all this tracks are part of my project.

I signed to Kanka Records Label in 2007.
I produce my music with Fruity Loops 7 and a Keyboard Midi M Audio Oxygen v2. Rise Of Evil.
They are part of this new project khaos Sektor from Portugal and Ahriman - Arhyperziiman from Mexico, that´s sound can made a good psychadelic voyage.

Enjoy the music and always remember.. The Evil is a Terapy..


Khaos Sektor EP - speaking in tongue 2008 ( ultravision records )
V/A Traumatic Level - Khaos Sektor & Terratech - dead silence ( ultravision records )
 Khaos Sektor EP -  brain stretch ( eleusis records )
 Khaos Sektor EP - demons rising ( dark records )
V/A Electrik Blue Magik Test Vol.1 ( blue magic records )
V/A Tartara
V/A Book of Spirits - Khaos Sector - fear & load ( chaos circuit records )

My released tracks on
Khaos Sektor - "War of the Worlds" (single track)


Next bookings:

Indoor: Fr, 20. Feb. 09, 23:00h - Sa, 21. Feb. 09, 05:30h , Barcelona [Spain]

Indoor: Sa, 14. Mrz. 09, 23:00h - So, 15. Mrz. 09, 12:00h , London [United Kingdom]

Spring return
In- & Outdoor: Sa, 21. Mrz. 09, 22:00h - So, 22. Mrz. 09, 19:00h , Nisa - Portalegre [Portugal]

Trakia Psyfriends Festival
Open Air: Mo, 27. Jul. 09, 17:00h - Di, 28. Jul. 09, 12:00h , Miladinovtsi, Yambol region [Bulgaria]