Mehdi Ayouch a.k.a. "Drakphaser" was born 1981 in Casablanca ( Morocco ). He always has been fascinated by music since he was a little boy. The first touch with psychedelic trance happened back in 2001. Since that moment he felt in love for this kind of music and as logical consequence he started mixing on partys in 2003.
After a total reprogramming by the music of Kindzadza, Cpc, Enichkin, Horror Place, Polyphonia, Goa Gil, Katastrof, Rawar & Xikwiri Neyrra, his project called "Drakphaser" was born.

He introduced his self into Reason, Frutyloops & Cubase ( his baby ). The music influenced by Bigwigs, Genetic Spin, Triplex or Saiko Pod had been more minimal these days. Now he is surfing on the upcoming "dark psy wave", trying to mix a lot of different styles with deep bass and a lot of atmosphere that comes from the unconciuos part within ourselfs.
There exists a side project called "Frantal Impact" to give expression to another side of his musical talent.


Drakphaser - Doctor Forest [ 07:41 ]
VA Deep Trip Trilogy Tune on / Turn in / Drop out / Turn on (Vol-1)

Drakphaser - Micro Pointus [ 07:59 ]
156 BPM VA Circles of Hell from Scared Evil rec.

Email: info@mind-expansion.net
Myspace: www.myspace.com/drakphaser



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