Metamorphose is a Guru Psytrance project of Milan Monevski from (Belgrade/Serbia). In the past 3 year's he finished school for 3d and animation, but his call was music. He started making tunes in 1997 with no typical style at the beginning.
Metamorphose was born in 2002.His music is filled with good hard Baselines and plenty of percussions.
The atmospheric style is leading throughout the galaxy with strange melodies, great stereo sounds and a lot of real life samples, that make you have a feeling of full load rotation!

Now he have some releases on Geomagnetic Tv, Urban Antidot, Mind Extansion, Ultiva, Dark Prisma and also for Plutonic records and Dark Prisma as Sattwa Project, together with his friend Borislav Bogosvljevic.
The Path to today's achievments was hard but educational, he meet plenty of artist's and learned much from them. He hope that in the future he will travel all around the globe, performing his music and to learn much about different cultures, learn more abouth people's reactions and feeling's of this particular and authentic sound.

Experience Metamorphose, Transform your reality!!

Transform your reality! Reality is for the people with no imagination. Just imagin yourself in the psychedelic world where every tribe is a new galaxy a new experience. Then combine thos tribes in one place under one tree dancing like one... A new world is open!
Psy spirt is present!

Side projects:
Monevski - TechTrance
Ritual - DarkTrance
Simboli Preobrazaja - Ambient / ChillOut