Lenz a.k.a. Brain Drain Project

Style: twisted psychedelic tunes with killah production

Short History: Guido Testone A.K.A dj Lenz was born in Italy in 1984.
Since 1998 he has been interested in electronic music, especially in hardcore and industrial sounds. He played this kind of electro music in many parties until 2004, when he discovered and entered in the world of psytrance. In 2005, within 3 friends, he founded the "Brain Drain Project crew"; based around Milano’s area.

Many other friends soon joined the crew and he started to organize many parties in all the north of Italy. He began to play in these and many other parties as well, as a psytrance and darktrance dj.
In 2006 he started to produce also psychedelic trance and darktrance on his own. He is now working at his first live set.

Email: guido8401@libero.it
Myspace: www.myspace.com/thelenz

Next bookings:

Club: Fr, 20. Feb. 09, 23:00h - Sa, 21. Feb. 09, 04:00h ,varese [Italy]

The Hypercube
Club: Sa, 21. Mrz. 09, 23:00h - So, 22. Mrz. 09, 10:00h , VICENZA [Italy]