Sator Arepo

Sator Arepo is Dominik H. from Munich. His first contact with Psychedelic Music was in 2005 when he went to an underground psychedelic festival near Munich. From this day on, he was infected with this music!

Before this time his main musicstyle was Black Metal, Grind , Punk, Ska.... Sator Arepo was producing Hip Hop and experimental Breakbeats 4 years before he started with Psytrance. His aim is producing powerful fast psychedelic music for the nighttime.
 The main idea of his project is to bring goood strong energies to the dancefloor with extatic and fast rythms in a mixture between twisted sounds, powerfull kick/bass and dark atmospheric psy. After some releases and some bookings, he joined Wild Seven Family in 2008, and actually working on his debut album for 2009!

The style is a mixture between Twisted and Dark, affected by horror movies, twisted basslines ,hard Knocks and trippy leads.. he is working on 3 other projects: Cop Killaz with Dark Whisper Noctec Project with Joshi Cracked Noses with Rawar
watch out for the future....


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