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Goatracks (Internet Music Distribution)
Parvati (best in forest trance)
Psyshark (wicked israelian label)
Bhooteshwara (macedonians finest in psy trance)
Trishula (France psytrance label)
Discovalley (oldest label in Goa)
Dropout-Prductions (dark trance from the USA)
5th Element (good mexican label)
Devilsmind (our devil friends from Sweden)
Insomnia (russian psychedelic)
Goanmantra (another russian label)
Hypnotica( swedish forest tunes )
Mightyquinn (toshi and nicki from Japan)
Tantrumm (wicked tunes from USA)
Iccr (dark psy label from the  netherlands)
Shamanfilms (psytrance label from USA)
Sonictantra(indianpsytrance label)
Looney Moon( finest psytrance from Italy )
Ultravision( killer label from Portugal )
Urban Antidote ( watch out for this new Label from portugal )
Lost Theory ( good tunes )

Music Artists
Electrypnose (the best Music Artist in my opinion)
Goa Gil (the legendary Hero)
Kindzadza (russian doctor)
Xenomorph (dark chambers of german psychedelic)
Quasar (friends from outer space)
Orestis(artists from greece)
Transdriver (killa producer from russia)
Mussymoody (forest sound)
Yab Yum (psytrance from suiss)
Skoll (Isabell)
DJ Da-La (Music Producer from Sweden)
DJ Merry (a close friend from berlin)

Performing Artists
Alex Grey (check his pics)
Giger (no words needed)

Psytrance Community 
Goabase (best german trance forum)

Isratrance (best international trance forum)
Psydb (nice psytrance-portal from sweden)
Psytechteam (nice psytrance-portal)
Trancersguide (good information site)
Genesis Project (Genesis Project from sweden)
Psynews (psychedelic trance music news forum)
Psytrance TV (magazine devoted to Psytrance music)
Mexicotravels (A travel information website for visitors interested in Mexico vacation destinations)
Interzone (Alpha from Hamburg )
Silent Existens ( friends from Kosovo )
Nomadwear (Psytrance Clothes)

Independent Dance Music (Dance Music)

Party Organizer
Mindfull Productions (mexican party organizer)
Gaggalacka (it's the gaggalacka!)
Amnesietheater (german Party crew)
Psycrowdelica Open Air Festival (german Open Air "Psycrowdelica")
Technical Freaks (russian party organizers)